Bridging The Gap Between Your Truth And Your Voice.

What Is Your Truth, Your Voice?

The mission of this project is to help people bridge the gap between their truth and their voice. Once we are able to do that, we open a world of possibilities to feel empowered to create a purposeful and impactful life

We all struggle to live our truth, with the pressures of society, work, family, friends, community acquaintances, things can easily pill on. We carry-on with those pressures and we limit ourselves, to see other possibilities.

What is one truth you believe in and you live your life by? 

Marita Espada is the creator behind, Your Truth, Your Voice. She is a Senior Manager of a team of sixteen for a Series C tech company, the host of The Turning Point Podcast, a meditation coach and the author of the upcoming book "A Renegade's Journey To Stillness".

This renegade, found a passion for mentoring and helping others, this has been a driving force for the work that she does everyday.

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In the shop you can gain access to resources to work at an individual level at your own pace. The worksheets found in the shop, can help you align with your values, and will prompt you to practice intentional thinking, to find your truth and bridge that gap to use your voice.

You can also purchase Your Truth, Your Voice stickers and pins to remind yourself of this commitment everyday.

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