Bridging The Gap Between Your Truth And Your Voice.

What Is Your Truth, Your Voice?

The mission of this project is to help people find their truth and their voice, in life. Once we are able to do that, we open a world of possibilities to feel empowered to create the life that we want. We can not only learn how to use our voice to live our truth for ourselves, but to advocate for those who don't have voice, for those who need our help the most.

Through this project I help people find their truth and voice for themselves, who can then pay it forward and make a difference in the world by giving to others.

Marita Espada is the creator behind, Your Truth, Your Voice. She is a Senior Manager of a team of ten for a Series C tech company, the host of The Turning Point Podcast, a meditation coach and the author of the upcoming book "A Renegade's Journey To Stillness".

Her passion for mentoring and helping others, has been a driving force for the work that she does everyday.

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What Is Your Truth, Your Voice?

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In the shop you can gain access to resources to work at an individual level to find your truth and learn how to live it. The workbook and worksheets found in the shop, can help you align your values, to your truth, to then learn how to use your voice to live by them. When we learn how to do this, we can then engage in life with others, who need our help the most.

Generosity has been scientifically proven to help our mental health and physical health.
Why wouldn't we want to help more people?

You can also purchase Your Truth, Your Voice stickers to remind you of this commitment everyday, among other items.

The Your Truth, Your Voice Shop

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Let's all use our voice to advocate for ourselves and for those who need our help.

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